Stuffs you need to know about web Browsers

We cannot imagine a day without Web Browsers.

They have become one of the most important element of our daily lives. Everyone of us are familiar with different
web browsers. We choose different web browsers based on our need and based on the performance of the browsers. Firefox and Chrome is what i prefer personally.

Helps manage your online account username and password

One of the best part about web browsers is that they help you remember your online usernames and passwords. Basically you will be asked while entering the credentials during login. “Do you want to remember your password” something similar to this will be displayed and  you will have option to either save or not. If you click to save the next time you login you do not need to enter your password again on that browser. But, be aware if you are on a public computer or your friends mobile never save your passwords. Only save you passwords on your personal devices. Its easy to view and retrieve your password, your account might be compromised. Always be careful while saving your passwords. Its better not to save the passwords of your bank accounts and important websites. As we all know that our brain is the best place to store passwords. Do not store your passwords in text files.

Middle click the mouse to open a new tab

Although the scroll wheel helps you to navigate web pages easily it also helps you to open a link in a new tab when you hover over a link and click the wheel. It’s better than doing a right click and clicking “open link in a new tab”. It saves your time and comfort. if you are on a laptop you will need to press both track-pad buttons at once which works as a middle click.

New tricks coming soon



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