How to know on which version my Android Smartphone is running on?

It is very much important to know on which version your smart phone is running on for several reasons. Firstly, to get further update on the latest android version, you need to know the current version on which your phone is running on. Secondly, there are several apps which are compatible only to certain version of the android so to know if that application is compatible to your smart phone or not it becomes important to know the current version. Additionally, if you contact your service provider for various technical issues, support team may need to know your Android’s version in order to help you solve your problem.

  1. Touch the home button available on the home screen.
  2. Open the setting from the menu bar (Setting icon may directly appear on the home screen depending upon the system User Interface)
  3. Scroll the menu all the way to the bottom in the setting menu
  4.  Tap  “About phone” icon. The loaded page will show the current Android version.

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